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Since 1996, Tour+Med provides trusted and affordable travel insurance to Canadians of all ages. Our products are distributed by a continuously growing network of financial advisors, insurance brokers and travel agencies across the country. Find out why an increasing number of Canadians are choosing Tour+Med travel insurance.


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I was at (…) which probably cost them ten grand just before Christmas. We called first and that's where Tour+Med told me to go.

Some of the signs of a stroke, droopy eye that wouldn't close. Sagging mouth with difficulty forming words, etc, but turned out to be Bells Palsy. Spent a little over two hours there. Cat scan. EKG. Blood work. Pee test. The works. Bang, bang, bang. No waiting around between tests. What an efficient, pleasant hospital. (A friend) was down visiting and drove me into (hospital) and also was impressed by everything. Emergency physician billed me $1300 to talk to me for about three minutes and the girl that did the Cat scan billed 110 dollars directly. Tour+Med said to send the bills in and they looked after everything. As for the actual hospital, Tour+Med dealt directly with them so I don't know what those charges were. The only cost to me for the entire episode was a 2.50 co pay at the drug store for a (…) prescription that worked. Symptoms were gone in three weeks. Tour+Med looked after everything else. Friendly and easy to deal with. Very pleased with them.

G.S D.S., Kitchener, ON (December 2015)

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