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Non medical protections

January 5, 2015

Are you planning a cruise or a group trip? If so, you can protect your non-refundable deposits with our non medical protections.

Non medical protections


We are pleased to reply to your letter, in which you asked for our comments pursuant to the situation that required our return to Quebec.

We really appreciated all of the support that was given to us by your representative (…), who stayed in contact with us throughout the hospitalization in Florida.

Our return flight, on a commercial flight, as well as the transportation to the hospital (in Quebec) had been planned efficiently by the assistance team, and the hospital had been wisely chosen for the situation. We were taken care of as soon as we arrived at the hospital.

We also wish to thank (…), who informed and helped us in a very professional way throughout the claims process.

Finally, we will not hesitate to request your services again, or recommend them when applicable.

J.G, P.P., St-Cyrille-de-Wendover (February 2015)

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