If you are traveling and need assistance, please call Tour+Med Assistance.

For every claim, whether you have paid expenses or not, you must complete the Claim Form and provincial health insurance plan form. Please return both forms, along with the original bills and invoices (if applicable) to:

LS Travel
Claims department
247, Thibeau boulevard
Trois-Rivières, QC, G8T 6X9

Please note that if you submit a claim under a Multi-trip annual plan or under a COLLECT group plan, you must also send proof of your date of departure, such as a plane ticket, boarding pass, credit card statement, etc.

Medical claim


Forms for individual customers

Please select your province of residence

Forms for COLLECT customers

Please select your province of residence

Non medical claim

For claims concerning non medical protections, please refer to the policy for details and documents to provide, depending on your situation.

If an insured trip must be cancelled, the insurer or its representative must be notified of the cancellation on the same day (or on the next business day) that the cause of cancellation occurs. Benefits are limited to the amounts that are non-refundable at the occurrence date of the insured risk that was the cause for cancellation, regardless of the date the trip is cancelled.

Forms for individual customers

Forms for COLLECT customers

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