Whether you are thinking of travelling, about to travel, on a trip or about to return, take a few minutes to read this information page in order to find pieces of advice and other useful details. Check out the date of the latest update to find out if information has changed since your last visit on this page.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact your broker, call customer service or send us an email.

Since November 01, 2020, your COLLECT or COLLECT Total travel medical insurance provides coverage for COVID-19 during trips made outside of your province of residence. Read the Rider for more information. You may also speak with your employer or broker for details.

I AM LEAVING SOON Last Update: Nov. 19 2020

  • Your group travel insurance covers COVID-19.

    The COLLECT / COLLECT Total group travel medical insurance provides coverage up to $5,000,000 in the event of a medical emergency during your trip, including a positive diagnosis to COVID-19. Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the protection. Terms, conditions and limitations are specified in your travel insurance booklet.

  • Use our COVID-19 indicators.

    In order to help you gauge the COVID-19 situation at your destination, our actuaries developed two indicators, which are updated daily. Feel free to use these indicators at any time before your departure (and even after!) in order to make informed decisions about your trip.

  • Read your travel insurance booklet.

    Each traveller is unique and your travel insurance should meet your needs. Read your booklet carefully and don’t be afraid to ask questions before your departure. Avoid unhappy endings: make sure that you understand your protection, most particularly the exclusions and limitations. (Download a sample booklet in the Group Travel Insurance section of our website.

  • Don’t forget your wallet card at home!

    Your employer surely gave you a wallet card presenting your contract number and numbers to call in case of a medical emergency during your trip. If not, you may print or cut-out the one on the back cover of your travel insurance booklet. Be sure to have a copy with you at all times during your trip. Why not make photocopies before leaving? Give one to a family member, laminate one for daytrips to the beach or pool, keep one in your hotel room or rental car, etc. You must call emergency assistance prior to receiving any treatment. If you are unable to do so (e.g. if you are unconscious), your travelling companion or medical staff must contact us on your behalf and will need to access your wallet card easily.

  • Respect advisories, safety measures and other instructions.

    Read the travel advisories for your destination on; they could have changed since the last time you looked. Have you planned for your mandatory quarantine upon your return? Are there specific measures from your airline? Read them before you leave. Bring sufficient quantities of clean face coverings and disinfecting gel.

I AM ON A TRIP Last Update: Nov. 19 2020

  • Stay informed about the evolution of the pandemic at your destination, travel advisories, and anything else that could affect your trip or your return.

    We suggest that you keep an eye on various government websites ( but also the applicable websites for your destination) in order to be fully informed of the latest information pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out your travel agency’s or airline’s website for any updates about your return flight; you wouldn’t want to be the last one to learn that your flight has been modified or canceled! And why not look at the Tour+Med COVID-19 indicators once in a while for a quick and easy update about the pandemic situation at your destination? Last but not least, wash your hands often and avoid touching your face.

  • I have symptoms and would like to consult a doctor.

    Whether you have COVID-19 or another infection, be responsible and avoid leaving your hotel room or residence in order to limit the spread of whichever virus you caught. Dial the insurer’s emergency assistance phone number and follow their instructions. The number is on your wallet card.   

    Regardless of the medical situation, you must always contact the insurer’s emergency assistance prior to consultation and treatment. Assistance service is included in your travel medical insurance and its role is to steer you to the appropriate facility, confirm to them that you have coverage, and enforce that only the health care necessary at that moment be given to you. (We remind you that travel medical insurance covers you in the event of a medical emergency. See the definition of emergency in your booklet.) 

I WILL RETURN SOON Last Update: Nov. 27 2020

  • Did you make a plan for your quarantine? Download the app ArriveCAN.

    All travelers entering Canada must quarantine for 14 days upon their return to limit the spread of COVID-19. Since November 21, 2020, all air travellers are requested to use the ArriveCAN app or website prior to boarding their return flight. Land or marine travellers are also strongly encouraged to use ArriveCAN to reduce processing time at the Canadian border.

  • Have a look at your airline’s website.

    Has your return flight been modified or cancelled? Has the airline modified their rules and regulations pertaining to COVID-19? Do you have enough clean face coverings and disinfecting gel? Better be safe and look into all of this a few days in advance.

  • Will you drive back? Plan ahead.

    The uncertainty of the pandemic situation could be a source of stress if you will be making a long drive and can’t find open places to purchase food, spend the night or fill up on gas. If you will be crossing many provinces or states, take the time to look up the recommendations and warnings for each place before getting behind the wheel.

NON-MEDICAL PROTECTIONS Last update: Nov. 19 2020

If you are covered by a COLLECT or COLLECT Total group travel insurance plan, see how the Rider issued on November 01, 2020 affects your coverage. Speak with your employer or broker for details.

USEFUL LINKS Last Update: Nov. 19 2020