Become a representative

Are you an agent, a financial advisor, a broker or a financial services provider? Do you offer complete financial solutions to your clients? If you are not offering travel insurance as part of your full service offer, your portfolio is incomplete and your clients are at risk! Tour+Med could be your solution and we could be the only travel insurance provider you'll need! Contact us today!

If you currently offer travel insurance, are you certain that the products you offer are really competitive and that they truly correspond to your clients' needs?

Even if travel insurance is not your main line of business, it is never too late to add a string to your bow and offer complete service to your clients. We suggest different ways of becoming a representative, based on your experience and goals.

Travelers know that travel insurance is essential. If you don't offer it to them, somebody else will...

Why are we different?

  • Competitive commission schedule, paid on a weekly basis;
  • Process quotes and applications online instantly;
  • Offer a competitive and complete travel insurance solution to your clients;
  • Receive superior sales support from our "Agent Services Department";
  • Clear and straight-forward commission reports;
  • Well-known and recognized customer service and assistance (Tour+Med Assistance);
  • We value our partnerships with our distributors.
Ok, now here's what really differentiates us...

To become a representative

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