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10 reasons

why you must add Tour+Med to your travel insurance products


Because time is money.

We know that customers shop around. So when a client wants a price… they want it fast! Our efficient Quick Quote tool only asks the necessary questions so you can provide a premium rapidly (premiums in fact, since we will present all of the available options on a single screen!). Now that’s what we call convenience!


Because a heart attack or COPD won’t stop your client from traveling.

Thanks to our medical department, many clients often declined by other insurers due to severe pre-existing conditions can usually get a personalized offer. And with our Reduced Stability Period option, offered on a variety of conditions, stability requirements drop to 30 days before departure rather than 6 months, all the while covering the insureds up to $5 Million. Now that’s what we call being responsive to our clients’ needs!


Because everything is more appreciated when in a combo.

When travelers leave for a long trip and know they will be traveling again afterwards, selling them an Annual plan is usually a good option. But since their first trip will last longer than most Multi-Trip plans available, you would need to sell them a top up as well. With Tour+Med, it’s simple: we combine their Multi-Trip Annual plan and top up under a single policy, called "combo". This means one policy number and one transaction, but two protections. Now that’s what we call efficiency!


Because the insurer can be efficient too.

Whether we are talking about our medical department, about our confirmation email, or about the quickness of our claims department, efficiency is an integral part of our business model. For example, our medical department promises a personalized offer within 3 business days but we usually answer on the same day. Our confirmation email is sent automatically in the minutes that follow payment of the premium and includes the client’s application, wallet cards and tax receipts. And if the client’s claim file is complete, they will surely hear from us in less than 2 weeks. Now that’s what we call service!


Because it’s OK to delegate.

Some clients have more pre-existing conditions than others and a personalized assessment by our medical department could be required for these people. When this happens, you can choose between answering the detailed medical questionnaire online, providing a printed copy to be filled out by the client’s physician, or transferring the file to our Valets and get them to do the job for you. Now that’s what we call personalized service!


Because your ambition knows no limits.

We provide distribution agreements to suit your needs. You can opt for our referral agreement, intended for advisors who wish to add travel insurance to their portfolio without making it a main line of business, or select our regular distribution agreement, perfect for those that sell travel insurance on a daily basis. Both offer a competitive and retroactive commission schedule; now that’s what we call gratitude!


Because clients want to accumulate points on their credit cards, not transactions.

Our system lets you calculate the premium for your client’s next trip while you are selling them their first policy. You can even get them to pay for both protections in a single transaction. Now that’s what we call productivity!


Because everybody likes a "Buy Now, Pay Later" formula.

We understand when customers say they don’t want to pay in full if they’ll be traveling in a few months from now. That’s why our down payment option lets them secure their rate with a 25% deposit at the time of purchase, and pay their balance within 2 weeks of their departure. Considering the fact that we allow clients to purchase their coverage up to 9 months before their departure date, that’s what we call understanding the clients’ needs!


Because you can sleep and make sales at the same time.

We can give you access to a weblink (customized with your colours and logo) that you can then add to your own website, letting your clients purchase their coverage at their convenience. Now that’s what we call strengthening a partnership!


Because a competitive premium is not the only argument.

Although clients like to pay as little as possible, competitive premiums are not our sole advantage. In fact, we can also state features such as our unique hospital-care deductibles, our pharmacy card, our down payment option, our Reduced Stability Period option that covers the condition up to $5 Million, or the fact that we include an emergency round-trip benefit and a $25,000 accidental death insurance. Now that’s what we call distinction!