Instructions to submit your request for an early return refund

Update: April 2, 2020, 2:00 PM EDT

We are glad to see that most of our clients have decided to follow the Government of Canada’s recommendation and are back to their home province.

Medical Insurance

We are receiving an important amount of requests for refunds due to non-departures or early returns. As per section XI. Premium Refunds in our individual policies, you could be eligible for a refund if you come back to your home province before the expiration date of your policy, under certain conditions. 

Requests for premium refunds will only be considered in the case of non-departure or early return, subject to the following conditions:
a) On a Single Trip Plan, the request must be received prior to the policy Departure Date, otherwise it will be considered and administered as an early return request.
b) On an Annual Plan, the request must be received before the Effective Date. No refund is available if the request is received after that date.
Early return:
a) No claim is either paid or pending.
b) No expense has been incurred by the Insurer for an Emergency return of the Insured Person and/or his/her travel companion to their province of residence.
c) The Insurer must receive the request for refund and supporting documentation (exhibiting the Insured Person’s name, the date and the location of the transaction*) within 30 days of returning to his/her province of residence.
*ex.: credit card statement, credit card receipt, written confirmation obtained at the border, plane ticket or boarding pass.
The premium refund will be calculated from the date shown on the supporting documentation or postmark date of the request. There will be no administrative charges; however no refund will be made on amounts due of less than CAN $ 20.

To accelerate and facilitate treatment of the multiple requests we are currently receiving, we invite you to send your requests for refunds by email to upon your return in your province of residence, if you meet the aforementioned conditions

  • You may send an email and attach proof of the date of your return, if it differs from the date on which you are sending your email. (If you are sending your email on the same day of your return, you don’t need to attach any proof.) Your policy will be cancelled and the premium refund will be calculated from the date provided, for the full days that you have not used.

Refunds will be processed on the same payment method you used when buying your policy.

We are receiving an important amount of requests and are trying our best to process them in a timely manner, but there could be some abnormal delays, due to these exceptional circumstances. However, rest assured that sending your requests for refunds by email at will leave a trace of your request. Please use this email address for your requests.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance

For questions in regard to a claim for a trip cancellation, visit the Claims section of our website. Take note that, given the exceptional and evolving situation, an Instruction Sheet with regard to COVID-19 has been added to the Claims section. Read this document carefully before submitting your claim.

Thank you for your understanding.