About Tour+Med travel insurance products

We are proud to say that Tour+Med products are Canadian and exist since 1996. Travel insurance and emergency assistance are our sole purposes and we are one of the very few providers that steer ALL of their resources towards the development of strong, reliable and affordable travel protections for its insured clients.

Due to the expertise and experience we have developed, we have been brought to the forefront of the travel insurance industry. Thousands of Canadian travelers can now vouch for the quality of service and coverage we provide. The range of products we offer protects travelers of all ages against the medical and non medical emergencies that can occur while they are away from their province of residence. With Tour+Med travel insurance products, you can enjoy complete peace of mind while traveling.

Our personalized approach truly differentiates us from our competitors. Some client may not be eligible for coverage after completing our basic application, but could complete and submit a detailed medical questionnaire to request coverage through our personalized program. By asking more pertinent and specific questions when you are buying your policy, we can assess your health situation upfront rather than at claims time.

Our tenure in travel insurance in Canada is a testimonial to our expertise. We are proud of the excellent reputation and leadership we have established amongst our peers and the Canadian consumers.

Tour+Med: the right travel insurance in your luggage!


Travel insurance is designed to give all travellers the ability to protect themselves against unexpected medical costs and other expenses associated with the cancellation, interruption or delay of travel arrangements. In fact, 95 per cent of submitted travel insurance claims are paid in Canada, says a report based on a KPMG survey of Canadian providers commissioned by the Travel Health Insurance Association (THIA).

We LS-Travel, insurance company are proud members of THiA; and our collective goal is to ensure every claim submitted has the opportunity to be paid. The industry has come together and designed the Bill of Rights and Responsibilities to deliver a clear statement as to what you can expect from your travel insurance policies along with responsibilities you have when purchasing travel insurance. The Travel Insurance Bill of Rights and Responsibilities builds upon the following golden rules of travel insurance:

  • Know your health
  • Know your trip
  • Know your policy
  • Know your rights

Everyone deserves a carefree trip and the Bill of Rights and Responsibilities will help provide all travelling Canadians with additional confidence in their travel insurance purchase knowing their company is supporting their rights as a consumer and making them aware of their responsibilities.