Mission and values

Our mission:

As a developer, administrator and claims manager specialized in products and services related to travel insurance, we are determined to offer superior quality service and to develop relationships with our clients, risk owners, distribution intermediaries, employees, and suppliers, that are based on partnership, education and respect.

Our corporate values:


We say what we do and we do what we say. We will be true to our word to our clients and representatives. We will show soundness, honesty, sincerity and honour in all that we say and do.


We are committed to developing mutually respectful and successful, long term, strategic relationships with our business partners. We will ensure they have the tools, the support, the training and the recognition they deserve to be the best at what they do.


We will continuously improve our methodologies and our systems to make our personnel and our documents more accessible to our representatives and to the people we insure. We will make it easy for them to talk to the right people and obtain clear and simple solutions and answers to their needs and their questions.


Our words, our actions and our decisions will be fair, reasonable, respectful and impartial. As much as feasible, we will treat insured clients and partners the way we would like ourselves to be treated.