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We take pride in the quality of our claim service. We not only try our best to support our clients with empathy during the difficult events surrounding a medical emergency, but also treat all claim requests with fairness. Here are some testimonials we received from people we have insured:

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I would like to thank everyone at Tour+Med for their kindness and the support I received through my ordeal and heart surgery while vacationing in Florida in March. (…) All bills were paid in a timely manner, for which I am very grateful. My personal thanks to everyone associated with my case.

E.C. Mississauga ON (September 2018)

I would like to say how understanding and efficient your agents were. I was very appreciative of their help.

I.S. / Elizabethtown (ON) (June 2018)

Thank you for your help and understanding with my wife's recent claim. While vacationing in Florida this winter my wife was hospitalized for 6 days. Even though I had accidentally omitted one of her meds on the application, you agreed to accept the claim on an ex-gratia basis. For this we will be forever grateful. This omission could have made the policy null and void. I have nothing but praise for the way your team handled this and I will definitely be recommending Tour+Med to anyone who needs travel insurance. Once again we thank you and plan on using Tour+Med again on all our future trips.

B.C. and L.C. / Stoney Creek (ON) (May 2018)

The service that we received from Tour Med was exceptional. My biggest fear with having a medical issue while vacationing in the USA is that we would end up more preoccupied with red tape trying to access the medical care we may need. Your personnel were prompt, courteous and professional, clearly explained all our options and left us feeling that we were truly being taken care of. For that I am eternally grateful.

J.K. and J.K. / Fort Erie (ON) (April 2018)

Thanks so much for your help on the phone just now. (…) And once again my huge compliments to you and your company for the fantastic customer service you have provided to me twice now. I will be sure to recommend Tour+Med to my friends and family.

B.S. / Coquitlam (BC) (March 2018)

Many thanks to Tour+Med for their kind and caring assistance when I required medical help at a hospital in California. They were most cooperative and followed up a few days later to see how I was doing. I highly recommend Tourmed to anyone travelling outside of Canada. I will be referring my family and friends to Tourmed as well.

C.F. Tiny, On. (February 2018)

Thank you for taking such good care of my needs during my trip to Portugal. I will be calling upon your great service in the future travel plans. Thanks again.

R.M. Dawson Creek, B.C. (December 2017)

Thank you for your help and reassuring words while my husband was hospitalized. Everything was settled quickly after I sent the paperwork. Your presence on the line was precious. Good luck to you all!

N.C. et J.D. / Montreal (QC) (October 2017)

Big thanks to you and your colleagues for the great support and assistance that you have given over the last few days. This was much appreciated.

J.M. et P.L. / St-Augustin-de-Desmaures (QC) (October 2017)

I am writing to you to express my gratitude to your quick and efficient response to my claim. I was very pleased and know now that I can rely on your company's help if the future trips will demand, and will certainly use your services and also recommend to all my friends.

S.T. / Richmond Hill (ON) (September 2017)

Thank you for your guidance concerning the invoice we received from (the hospital) in connection with the accident I sustained in Maui, Hawaii on February 7th this year. (…) My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for all the timely and helpful assistance that was provided at the time of both events. I am pleased to report that I am mostly recovered, thanks in part at least to all the assistance that was provided.

J.M. and S.M. / London (ON) (April 2017)

We are pleased to inform you that we have really appreciated the service received from both your medical assistance and the staff at (hospital) in Florida. Your team was courteous, efficient, supportive, and professional. We are completely satisfied with your service and plan on using Tour+Med again for our next trips.

J.L. and P.V. / Sherbrooke (QC) (April 2017)

We are always very happy about the service. You are always there for anything that we need when we need it. We cannot be happier for the service we received over the years.

I.S et A.S / Leamington (ON) (March 2017)

Thank you for your letter regarding my husband’s emergency medical expenses while in Florida in January. As you are aware, we can be vulnerable at any time at getting sick. I have always taken the position that it is important to have emergency medical insurance while away from home and had chosen your (product) for that purpose. From the first phone call I made to Tour+Med to my last conversation, I want you to know that we were treated with kindness and understanding of our situation and, at no time, felt left alone in dealing with the medical or administrative personnel at (…) Hospital. It was so comforting to know that assistance was available in getting us home and all went smoothly. (…) Once again, thank you from the both of us for the excellent services received from your team.

D.M. and G.M. / Toronto (ON (March 2017)

Dear Assistance, I am nothing if not a happy customer. I'm now home from the hospital appropriately recovering from my ordeal (a kidney stone). I do understand that my policy does not include a second chance at any malady incurred. I also understand the requirement to delay treatment until returning to Canada when reasonable. My wife and I have been customers for a decade and this year has been our first use of our policy. You may know my wife suffered a dog bite in December which your team helped us with. In all cases they have been spectacular friends.

J.S. and M.S. / Toronto (ON) (January 2017)
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