Tour+Med Assistance

If you are traveling and need medical assistance, please call Tour+Med Assistance.

In the beginning, Tour+Med travel insurance was intended for Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick "Snowbirds". These clients traveled from North to South so it was logical to establish Tour+Med Assistance in Florida, in order to be close to our insureds and to the hospitals and clinics that treated them.

Since 2002, other traveling Canadians can now purchase Tour+Med protections, no matter how old they are or where they are going. Our strategic location had already allowed us to better understand the American health system and to develop strong partnerships with doctors, clinics, hospitals, and other health care providers throughout the United States, so we decided to remain in Florida. From this location, we can easily reach hospitals and physicians in order to collect the essential information we need to make a fair evaluation of the required treatments for our clients. Over the years, our presence has helped increase and personalize relationships between our insureds and the various providers. In other words, we are based in the United States to satisfy YOUR needs.

Tour+Med's presence in Florida has resulted in a key partnership that is a good explanation for our success from day one. This unique characteristic brings great comfort to our older clients, knowing the emergency care provider is familiar with their favorite destination.

Our younger clients or those traveling elsewhere around the world appreciate the fact that, over the years, Tour+Med has developed trustworthy and expert relationships with the various health care providers from a wide variety of countries, knowing that a continuously increasing number of insureds travel to every possible destination around the planet.

Our professional team is fully bilingual and provides worldwide assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Roles of the Emergency assistance:

  • Find a doctor, clinic or hospital, according to the level of your emergency (health status);
  • Confirm your insurance coverage with the health care providers;
  • Coordinate medical treatment plans and keep your family well informed at all times;
  • Guarantee or facilitate the payment or reimbursement for services received;
  • Make all the necessary arrangements for repatriation back to your province of residence;
  • Arrange transportation of a family member to your bedside, when applicable;
  • Help you find legal counsel in the event of a serious accident;
  • Etc.