Group travel insurance

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What is collect group travel insurance?

COLLECT group travel insurance offers reliable coverage of up to $5 Million in case of a medical emergency while out of your province of residence, as well as a private Emergency Assistance service, available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

The COLLECT Total version offers the same benefits as our regular plan, as well as coverage in case of trip cancellation or interruption and protection for your baggage and personal effects.

COLLECT and COLLECT Total group out-of-province travel insurance products are underwritten by LS-Travel Insurance Company, a 100% owned Humania Assurance Inc. subsidiary.


COLLECT Total plan


For every claim, whether you have paid expenses or not, you must fill out the Claim Form and provincial health insurance plan form. Please return both forms, along with the original bills and invoices (if applicable), and proof of your departure date (such as a plane ticket, boarding pass, copy of your credit card statement, etc.) to:

LS-Travel, insurance company
Claims Department
247, Thibeau Boulevard
Trois-Rivières (QC) G8T 6X9

Forms for a medical claim

Please select your province of residence

Forms for a non-medical claim (trip cancellation or interruption, baggage)

We are modifying our claim forms to address the current situation and present you with clear and accurate information, in order to accelerate treatment of your claims for Trip Cancellation and Interruption. In the meantime, you are invited to keep all receipts, invoices, proofs of payments, and other important information, since these documents will be required when making your claim. Visit the information page on our website for updates over the next few days.