Per Trip and Family Plans

Per Trip Plan

Per trip plans are available for travelers aged from 3 months to 95 years old (inclusive). They cover you for trips outside of your province of residence, anywhere around the world*, and for a maximum duration of 183 or 212 days (depending on your province of residence).

Family Plan

Our family plan can insure parents and up to 4 children on the same policy, for a single trip or on an annual basis. This plan is available for trips of 48 days and less, anywhere around the world*. To be eligible, parents must be 59 years old or less, and children must be between 3 months and 21 years old on departure date, unmarried, and dependant of their parent for support.

* Exclusions may be applicable. It is your responsibility to verify the status of your destinations and any Travel Advice and Advisories issued by the Government of Canada before your departure.

Summary of benefits
in case of a medical emergency

To buy a travel insurance

About Tour+Med plans

Deductibles with discounts

Traditional deductibles offered by other carriers are 'per event', no matter where you go for your consultation. Tour+Med's hospital care deductibles are only applicable to claims involving a hospital or ambulance transportation (whether by land or air). Since only 10% of all cases need to be referred to the closest hospital or emergency room, these hospital care deductibles are a wonderful advantage for you! However, in order to compare apples with apples, we also provide traditional deductibles with discounts.

Our premiums automatically include a $0 deductible, but you could choose to add a deductible of $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 in order to save between 5% and 35% on your premium.

Discounts, and even more discounts

Everybody loves discounts! Even if our premiums are competitive, we still offer a variety of discounts so you can save more. Ask your representative about our 2 travelers discount

2 travelers discount

Receive a 5% discount when 2 people travel together and are insured on the same policy.

, Combined rebate

Combined rebate

Get a 5% discount when you purchase medical and non medical protections simultaneously (such as trip cancellation and interruption coverage, for example).

, Early Bird rebate

Early bird discount

Discount available during a specific period only, at the beginning of the sales season. Official dates and percentage vary from one year to another and are subject to change without notice, but the discount is usually available from the beginning of July until the beginning of September.

or our Loyalty discount.

Loyalty discount

Discount ranges from 2% to 5%, based on the number of consecutive seasons during which you bought a policy from the same distributor.

You could save more than 15 % on your premium's initial value !

Flexibility (deposit and options)

Medical stability

Your pre-existing medical conditions may be covered if you meet the stability requirements outlined in the policy. All conditions must be Stable and Controlled for a period of:

Stable and Controlled

“Stable and Controlled” means any medical condition (other than a Minor Ailment) for which all the following statements are true:

  • There has been no new diagnosis, Treatment or prescribed Medication (including prescribed “as needed”);
  • There has been no change in Treatment frequency or type; there has been no change in Your Medication, including the addition or the stopping of a Medication or an increase or decrease in the dosage or frequency of a Medication (Exceptions the routine adjustment of Coumadin, Warfarin or insulin to maintain the optimal level of the said Medication in your blood and the change from a brand name Medication to a generic brand Medication of the same dosage);
  • There has been no change in the frequency or the severity of the Symptom (new Symptom, more frequent Symptom or more severe Symptom);
  • There have been no test results showing deterioration;
  • There has been no Hospitalization or referral to a specialist (made or recommended) and You are not awaiting the results of further investigations for that medical condition.

In case of differences between this definition and the one available in the policy/distribution guide, the latter prevails.

  • 3 months before your departure date, for persons aged between 3 months and 59 years of age.
  • 6 months before your departure date, for persons aged 60 and over.

Inquire about our Reduced Stability Period option.

Reduced Stability Period option

It is now possible to cover some unstable medical conditions. The Reduced Stability Period reduces the stability requirements of some conditions to 30 days, rather than 6 months.

(Some conditions apply. Please read the policy wording for more details. This option is not available for the Tour+Med 2.0 plan.)


When insured through your employee benefit program or your credit card, your coverage is usually limited to a specific duration. We can top-up your existing plan for the extra days, so that your whole trip is covered. You must check that top-ups are permitted by the companies issueing your existing travel policies.

Extension of coverage

To extend the policy period, you must contact us, or your representative, at least 5 days prior to the expiration date written on your policy. You will only have to pay for the additional premium, if applicable.

(Any condition for which you received treatments in the initial portion of your policy will automatically be excluded, beginning on the first day of your extension. The Insurer reserves the right to grant or deny an extension of coverage, on a case-by-case basis. No extension request can be permitted after the expiration date of the initial policy.)