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Why choose Tour+Med?

There are at least 7 good reasons to buy Tour+Med travel insurance. But there are also 7 good habits to have while shopping for travel insurance. Here are some great pieces of advice to help you shop.

1. Flexibility (deposit and options)

Our 25% deposit option* allows you to secure your premium’s rate at the time of purchase and pay your balance later (ie: up to 2 weeks before your departure date).

Our Reduced Stability Period* option allows you to reduce the required stability period of your pre-existing conditions, from 6 months to 30 days before your departure date.

Our Optional Exclusion* option allows you to willingly exclude an unstable organ or body system, in counterpart for a lower premium.

* Certain conditions apply. Please read the distribution guide / policy wording for details.

Insurer's tip

A travel insurance policy can be expensive. Our options could allow you to cover unstable conditions, get a lower premium in counterpart of an exclusion, or simply reduce the impact of the investment on your finances at the time of purchase. Why not combine our 25% deposit option with the Early Bird discount? This way, you will guarantee your premium’s rate while a discount is also available.

2. Competitive premiums

Our premiums are very competitive and compare favourably with other insurance plans offered to Canadian travelers, especially for Snowbirds.

Insurer's tip

The purchase of a travel insurance policy should not be based on the premium alone! We know our premiums are competitive, but another carrier could come up with a lower premium. When making your decision, keep in mind that you are buying peace of mind in the case of an emergency. Did the other carrier answer all of your questions? Are your pre-existing medical conditions covered? Ask us for a quote first: it will save you time and effort!

3. Personalized underwriting allowing a flexible approach

Someone "perfectly healthy" is a rare and lucky person! Many of our clients are having trouble getting travel insurance because of their health status or pre-existing conditions. If this is your case, don't worry anymore!

Tour+Med is one of the very few products that will consider applications that are usually declined or difficult to approve. If we can provide a solution for others, we may be able to provide a solution for you, too. Not only can our medical department individually assess difficult cases, we can also come up with a unique and personalized offer that will meet your needs. The coverage will be considerate of your medical history, test results and stability; your offer will be as unique as you are!

Insurer's tip

Don't hesitate to request a Tour+Med quote when shopping for travel insurance, no matter how simple or complex your medical conditions are. Even if you must fill out a detailed medical questionnaire, there is no obligation to buy the insurance from us afterwards. However, you could be surprised by our offer! And if your broker or financial advisor doesn't know about Tour+Med yet, tell them to contact us! If our personalized approach seems interesting for you, it might also be for their other clients as well.

4. Comprehensive coverage options

In order to meet our clients' needs, we offer a wide variety of products.

Insurer's tip

If you travel more than once a year of if you enjoy the freedom of coming back to Canada during your winter getaway, inquire about our multi-trip annual plans to save time and money. You should also add a non medical protection to your policy to make sure that all aspects of your trip will be covered!

5. Recognized emergency assistance and customer satisfaction

The value of your travel insurance can only be determined during an emergency situation and not by the premium you paid. Our privately-owned assistance department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since Tour+Med Assistance is entirely dedicated to the wellbeing of our insureds, you know you are in good hands, without any intermediaries!

Insurer's tip

No matter the type of insurance, nobody buys insurance for the fun of it! It's always "just in case". For this reason, Tour+Med protections have two main purposes: minimize your financial risk in case of an accident or illness outside of your province of residence, and make sure that yourself and your family won't have to face complex and stressful situations without the support of a team of experts who can make your life easier by managing the situation for you.

6. Complimentary benefits

While most insurers would charge their clients for these benefits, Tour+Med includes them at no extra cost!

(Some conditions may apply. Please refer to the policy wording for more details.)

  • Emergency round-trip
  • Emergency round trip

    Interrupts your trip temporarily, allowing you to go home and come back to your trip destination later, in the case of death or hospitalization of an immediate family member, or if your residence or business place is severely damaged.

  • Pharmacy card
  • Pharmacy card

    Benefit unique to Tour+Med! When traveling to the United States, show this card to an authorized pharmacist after a medical emergency and pay only $5 per new prescription.

  • Accidental death insurance
  • Accidental death insurance

    Benefit from a $25,000 accidental death insurance while on your trip.

  • Deductibles with discounts
  • Deductibles with discounts

    Traditional deductibles offered by other carriers are 'per event', no matter where you go for your consultation. Tour+Med's hospital care deductibles are only applicable to claims involving a hospital or ambulance transportation (whether by land or air). Since only 10% of all cases need to be referred to the closest hospital or emergency room, these hospital care deductibles are a wonderful advantage for you! However, in order to compare apples with apples, we also provide traditional deductibles with discounts.

    Our premiums automatically include a $0 deductible, but you could choose to add a deductible of $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 in order to save between 5% and 35% on your premium.

Insurer's tip

It is important to compare "apples with apples". While another insurer's premium may seem interesting at first, you should check if these advantages are included or if you must pay an extra to have them. Our premiums include all of these advantages.

7. Discounts and rebates

Even if our premiums are competitive, you can still take advantage of our various discounts and rebates:

  • 2 travelers discount
  • 2 travelers discount

    Receive a 5% discount when 2 people travel together and are insured on the same policy.

  • Early bird discount
  • Early bird discount

    Discount available during a specific period only, at the beginning of the sales season. Official dates and percentage vary from one year to another and are subject to change without notice, but the discount is usually available from the beginning of July until the beginning of September.

  • Combined protection
  • Combined rebate

    Get a 5% discount when you purchase medical and non medical protections simultaneously (such as trip cancellation and interruption coverage, for example).

  • Loyalty discount
  • Loyalty discount

    Discount ranges from 2% to 5%, based on the number of consecutive seasons during which you bought a policy from the same distributor.

Insurer's tip

We are aware that our clients, their financial situation, and their needs may be very different. However, we believe that everybody loves discounts, which is why we have so many! Rest assured that your protection is not affected since you benefit from the same great travel insurance and customer service; you simply pay less!

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